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Eric Wenocur, Owner/Principal of Lab Tech Systems, has been involved with professional audio and video since 1980.  Starting in music recording (in the glorious days of 4-track tape), and moving into television facility engineering, he has had the opportunity to work with a vast range of equipment and technologies used in the creation, processing and delivery of video and audio.

Eric began with an early interest in science and electronics, music and art.  These interests have grown into an understanding of technology at the theoretical level, how it has developed and evolved, and how it relates to picture and sound.  His work has encompassed all aspects of design and installation, from concepts and floor plans to equipment and signal flow, down to the nuts, bolts and solder connections.  As technical lead for facility projects he is fluent in many aspects of architecture, construction and related disciplines.  In the end, Eric is concerned with both the technical quality of audio and video systems, and the experience of how these systems look and function for the user. 

Lab Tech Systems, based in the Washington, DC area, provides consulting and engineering services to clients in broadcast and production, with a focus on technology evaluation and system design, as well as clients with needs that are more “A/V” related. Locally LTS utilizes a stable of freelance installers to construct systems, with the capability to handle small and medium-scale projects.  LTS does not sell equipment, and strives to research and recommend the best choices for a project regardless of the source.

LTS also provides high-level technical consulting and oversight of A/V projects, use analysis, user training, troubleshooting and related consulting services.

Eric Wenocur’s Curriculum Vitae

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