TV Tech Basics and Other Presentations

Lab Tech Systems develops and offers training classes for editors, technicians, producers and production executives to help fill gaps in technical knowledge or bring them "up to speed" on technical developments. "TV Tech Basics for Non-Linear Editors" has been offered twice, in condensed form, at the Government Video Expo, and can be presented, in full or shortened versions, at clients' locations or in an open-attendance format.

Other topics include tech basics for archivists and technical management for facility owners and operators.

GVExpo 2006 Powerpoint PDF

AMIA 2013 AV Tech Basics PDF

AVAIL 2014 Tech Mgr PDF

TV Tech Basics Glossary PDF

Tech Management for Producers 2010 PDF 

Not Power, Not Network, What Is It? 2013 PDF

Why Facilities Need Tech Managers and How to Be One! (AES convention link) Download PDF

Understanding IO & Drive Speed -- partial webinar video courtesy of --> Assistant Editors' Bootcamp

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