Lab Tech Systems provides technical consulting and engineering services for professional media clients including broadcast, production, audio recording, sound reinforcement, live production, archiving, and education.

Media systems are more than audio and video. LTS is a resource with expertise in the numerous technical areas necessary to design, maintain and troubleshoot these systems. As technology evolves LTS continues to support organizations with solutions for live and virtual production and distribution.

LTS does not sell equipment, and strives to research and recommend the best choices for a project, regardless of the source. We focus first on project requirements and client expectations, before moving to equipment and software decisions. This is particularly important as technology changes and choices multiply.

Broadcast & Production Engineering

LTS has built many dozens of small and medium-sized facilities, from post-production with linear editing and videotape to all-digital file-based production.

In facility design LTS typically acts as “technical lead” in a capacity that interacts with all designers and trades–architectural, acoustical, electrical, HVAC, etc. This is necessary because the system design engineer must make sure all equipment and infrastructure will actually function together.

Media & A/V Systems

The experience gained in professional production environments enhances how LTS approaches systems for conferencing, streaming, live events and other media activities.

For any project, and especially those with non-technical users, we believe that defining what a system does and how it works, who the operators will be, and how the system will be managed are priorities that must be addressed in parallel with equipment selection.


Facility & system design
Facility & equipment integration
Operator training & training materials
Acoustics & environmental consulting
Project evaluation & planning
Usage and workflow consulting
Engineering management consulting
System & equipment troubleshooting

LTS maintains an electronics lab and library of documentation for current and legacy equipment. LTS has invested in test gear for troubleshooting and evaluating signal conditions, including scopes for analog and digital video, analyzers for analog, AES and Dolby-encoded digital audio, signal generators for most analog and digital formats, and network test equipment.